What is a Shamrock? It’s a myth that reflects the history of Ireland.

February 12, 2018

The Shamrock is actually not a flower but a leaf of the clover plant, It means “young clover” in Irish.

It was used by St. Patrick to teach the Holy Trinity. The Shamrock was already a holy plant for Celtic people and so they were impressed by St Patrick’s explanation and it helped to spread Christianity. Besides, it’s not only in ancient Ireland but all around the world, where it’s customary to treat the number “3” as a sacred number.

It was the 17th century when people in Ireland started wearing a Shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day.  There was an era when the Shamrock was used as a symbol of resistance by the voluntary Irish army fighting against England.

The Shamrock is part of the myth and history of Ireland.
You will be able to find the Shamrock everywhere on St. Patrick’s Day!