Why is the national colour of Ireland “green”? A song which soldiers sang during the war changed the history.

January 30, 2018

Why is the national colour of Ireland “green”?

One reason, people think it’s green from the beautiful nature and green fields of Ireland. Another reason is that it’s the color of St. Patrick.

But actually, the national color of Ireland used to be “blue”. Since the 12th century, St. Patrick’s blue was used for the royal court and on ancient Irish flags.

But then, why did it become green?
As a matter of fact, it was as a symbol of resistance.

It goes back to 1798, the era of Irish Rebellion.
Irish soldiers wore green to show their solidarity against the British who wore red, because the Irish symbol of a “Shamrock” was prohibited by England. And the song they sang during the war still exists as a street ballad called “The Wearing of the Green”.

From the river in Chicago to the Pyramid’s in Egypt, many places are painted green on March 17th.