“Irish Bento” will be sold for the first time at I Love Ireland Festival!

March 17, 2018

“Irish Bento” will be sold for the first time on this weekends at I Love Ireland Festival.
Its contents will be Guinness stew, shepherd’s pie, fish&shrimp fritter, chili beans, omelet, stewed vegetables, pumpkin salad, and Saffron rice, whose menu includes Irish traditional food that you can enjoy.
It was finally made by having some trials, and it was through tons of member of Irish embassy, which the price of 2500 YEN of it shows the background and its gorgeousness. “I think the bento we made can make both of Irish and Japanese enjoy. Hope many of you will like it”, the developer Junichi Ikuma said.
It will be provided 50 meals per day (100 meals in total). It’s a hot bento, you will be happy to eat it at such outside event! Do you wanna try it?

Press release http://www.dreamnews.jp/press/0000170080/ (LA DITTA)