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I Love Ireland Instagram campaign!

Post your great photos that you take at the I Love Ireland Festival with the hashtag of #アイラブアイルランド, #ILIF2018, #ILIF on Instagram! Some people will be chosen for the...

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Enjoy the festival from the morning and get our gift as well! The following will be freely provided as the Early Bird Special on a first come, first served...

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Japanese popular Rugby players visit Yoyogi Park!

Japanese popular Rugby players Junpei Ogura and Hitoshi Ono visit Yoyogi Park! They will have a talk session on the main stage including talking about Ireland and the Rugby...

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Who is Saint Patrick?

What kind of person was St. Patrick? It seems like he lived a tough life. It’s difficult to imagine this today when we see him standing tall and smiling...

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Leprechaun crossing!

It’s hard to forget about him once you see a Leprechaun. The Leprechaun is a fairy that is often talked about in Irish folklore. He is a little old man, who...

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